Day 62: SNOW DAY!

I felt like a child again today when we received the email notification at work that the office was closing early due to the extreme wether in our area. It was a nice precaution to ensure all employees got home safely. And boy did it take me back to my elementary school days when you got excited for a snow day!

With the snow not as thick as expected later on in the day, it seemed like it was a waste of the early closing, but I’m not one to complain! I was relaxing at home when my cousin invited me over for some movies. I jumped at the idea since the snow wasn’t too bad and it was a movie I wanted to see, but when I tried to get my aunt to come with, she refused to go out in the snow.

Now, my aunt is an almost 75 year old woman. She technically is more of a grandmother to my sister and me since she helped raise us. Since she’s older now, she doesn’t work and she gets stuck inside the house most of the time. I was surprised that she didn’t jump at the chance to get out, but considering her age, I guess not wanting to go out in the snow was understandable.

My initial thought though, was that I shouldn’t leave her home alone. And I followed that thought by deciding to stay in. Instead, I spent time with her cooking, watching American Idol (not my choice) and baking cookies. I think she enjoyed having something to do. And I’m sure sure it was nice to have someone to talk to…because that woman loves to talk! Haha! Overall, I think I found enjoyment in this act of kindness as well since it was so nice spending time with her.

Until tomorrow…


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