Day 61: Extending Invitations

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I work for a company in the Treasury group. Our finance department as a whole, is a pretty young group, and contrary to popular belief, the Finance area CAN be fun!

After having the entire company split up between multiple offices throughout the area, mostly because we had outgrown our old headquarters building, we are all finally together in one building…much to my dismay because the move caused my commute to jump from 5 minutes to 35 minutes ( but that’s a topic we don’t need to delve into). So, we’re all finally together and it’s almost like everyone is new because we haven’t seen some departments in years. We’re all still getting used to the new faces and new digs.

So, a couple days ago, a few co-workers asked if could plan another after-work outing for our department. Why me? I have no idea when I became the official party planner, but I figured something out and sent out the details to the gang. All of a sudden, what I thought was just going to be our little Finance group, turned into the entire company! Everyone was forwarding in the info to their buddies in other departments. I have no problems with that since I always think “the more the merrier!” but I thought about all the new employees that may not know everyone. This was the perfect opportunity for them to meet people in a casual setting…so I went and forwarded the info to as many new people I could think of. Hopefully that helps in getting them acquainted with the rest of the people around the building! I know I would’ve enjoyed that when I was new and didn’t know anyone!

Until tomorrow…


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