Day 25 & 26: Patience and Pennies for Strangers

I feel awful that I missed posting yesterday’s act of kindness. I got busy with my normal Sunday shenanigans and fell asleep before I realized I missed a post! Yesterday was a busy one with my normal Sunday Youth Church class and Mass. But afterwards, it was nice to slow down and catch up with […]

Day 24: Redbox Snacks

Tonight is movie and game night for my friends and me. Since my sister is accusing me of being lame on my phone and not socializing, this is going to be short and sweet. In honor of our movie night tonight, I decided to use an idea I got from another WordPress blogger. It was […]

Day 20: Stay Inside

Boy, today was another frigid day in Chicago! It’s the type of cold that you can feel all the way down to your bones…the kind of cold day that makes you just want to stay in bed all day cuddling under the blankets. I almost copped out and called in to work today, but my sister […]

Day 19: Warms Your Heart

Some people say that friends are the family you choose for yourself. I am lucky enough, that although my family can drive me crazy, I still love them dearly (most of the time) and I am also blessed with some amazing friends as well. You may have noticed already from my posts that I have […]