Day 66-70: Extended Weekend of Support



After another crazy weekend, it’s nice to just take a minute to reflect on what was done the last couple of days! I’m still having trouble posting on a daily basis, but the important part is that I’m still doing an act of kindness everyday, right?

This weekend was dedicated to supporting those that need it most. And here’s a quick summary of my weekend:

Day 66: As I mentioned in Day 65, I was planning on helping out with Operation Support Our Troops this weekend. I stopped by Jewel to help with flyers, unfortunately, my local Jewel store didn’t have much in terms of support of the Shop & Drop, so I did the next best thing…I bought a bunch of items and donated them to OSOT. I hope the supplies get to the soldiers safely, and I hope they return home safely.

Again, if you have a loved one in harms way and would like to have a care package sent to them, please go to the Operation Support Our Troops website and fill out the request.

Day 67: Sunday was mainly with the family. I had planned on going out to watch a movie with some friends, but the rain made me lazy so I stayed at my cousin’s house and hung out. Everyone was over because there was a rosary novena – it was nice to see everyone together. As we were all talking, my little “cousin” was just sitting there. She’s is unusually shy and sometimes I worry she’ll never grow out of her shell, but I noticed that when an aunt gushed about how pretty she has become, you saw her glow a little bit and smile.

I jumped at the chance of making that last and so I offered to do her hair. She gladly accepted and so we ran to the room to work my magic. As we were sitting there doing our “girly” thing, I asked how school was and if she was excited for her 8th grade dance and graduation. I went to the same school (though, that was ages ago) and can still remember the excitement that filled the air this time of year for the 8th graders. I asked if she was interested in my hair and makeup services for her dance and graduation and when she looked in the mirror and was happy with what she saw…I saw another rare smile and she accepted.

I made sure to remind her how beautiful she is – inside and out – and that she should smile more often. I hope that helped and that she enjoyed our little bonding moment together.

Day 68: After a long day at work, a friend and I decided to hit the gym and get going on training for the runs we were thinking of signing up for this spring/summer. I’m not a runner, so  a 5K alone will be an accomplishment for me.

As I was waiting in the locker room for my workout partner to get ready, I decided to drop a few healthy pre/post-workout snack bars with some words of encouragement by the mirrors. I thought I had enough time to make my secret drop off and take pictures, but people came in and I had to decide whether pictures or staying anonymous was more important – I chose to stay anonymous.

I’m sorry I’ve been lacking on the pictures lately, I promise I’ll post some up soon!

Day 69: With my current lifestyle – constantly running around, hanging out with friends, etc. – I can’t imagine being a mom! I’d have to make a drastic change to my lifestyle in order to accommodate a child. I’m sure one day I’ll be ready…but at this point, I like my freedom.

We had one of our monthly birthday potlucks at work and a co-worker of mine couldn’t figure out how she could pick something up for the occasion. With 2 children under the age of 3 years old, she sure keeps busy taking care of them! So, as my act of kindness, I offered to pick something up for her. I was already going to the grocery store anyways to pick up something myself, so I just asked what she wanted and ran the errand for her.

To all you mommies out there…hats off to you for all you do! You have my utmost respect for everything you do!



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