Day 63: The R-Word

Today’s act of kindness is dedicated to my cousin Angel. The world is a happier place because you are here with us. We are truly blessed to know you…even though we are 1700+ miles away, you and the family are always in our hearts.


Today, March 6th, is the national awareness day for the R-Word campaign. Their motto is:

“Spread The Word To End The Word”

As I was deciding what to do for today’s act of kindness, I noticed something on my Facebook news feed that caught my attention. My cousin in Las Vegas posted that she and her sister both signed a pledge to practice what they preach…to promote the elimination of the R-Word from their vocabulary and promote the equal treatment of all people, especially those with disabilities. The second that I saw this, I knew I had to be a part of it! And so, I signed the pledge right away.

I am sure, in my dumb teenage years, I may have used this word out of context. But age has made me wiser, more aware of the consequences of my words and actions…ultimately, I think I’m a more compassionate and understanding person as a whole. It kills me inside that something I may have said in error or even in joking could have been perceived as derogatory. As I got older, I realized how awful the use of that word was and as a young teen, I made a conscious decision not to use it in my vocabulary.

This is why this movement has moved me (pardon the pun). I hope that if anything, my “non-use” of this word, at the least, made someone else reconsider using it as well throughout the years. And I hope, that this movement will continue to promote the acceptance and inclusion of those with intellectual disabilities. Please consider signing the pledge to do the same at and please, spread the word to end the word!

Until tomorrow…


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