Day 64 & 65: Seen and Unseen

Day 64: I was worried that I wouldn’t have time to think of an idea for an act of kindness and squeeze it in, but I was lucky and an opportunity presented itself. As I was headed home from volleyball, I saw a bus going the opposite direction on the other side of the road at a stop light. It looked like it was getting ready to take off, when I realized an elderly woman was trying to catch the bus, but couldn’t move too fast. I must have looked like a crazy woman with my window down, waving my arm to get the bus driver’s attention and honking my horn! It worked though, and once the driver looked at me, I pointed at the woman slowly making her way towards the bus. The poor thing didn’t need to wait out in the cold longer than needed, and I was happy that my antics worked.

She probably had no idea that the bus almost left her, and she probably will never know that I nearly caused a scene on the road trying to stop the driver from taking off without her, but it felt fulfilling to really do an act of kindness anonymously and see someone reap the benefits unknowingly. I hope she arrived to her destination okay and warm!

Day 65: This morning was an odd morning. I was extremely tired…I almost didn’t crawl out of bed and just staying in. But I knew that today would be a busy one, so I put on my “big girl panties” and got ready for work. Oddly enough, I ended up out of the house earlier than usual and for some reason traffic was really light on my way to the office. Both of these factors combined, had me on track to arrive at work a good 15-20 minutes early. So, I decided, I should stop by the Dunkin Donuts on the way (the same one that started this all!) and grab me a nice cup of tea.

And that’s when I figured, it would be nice to see if any of my co-workers wanted anything. So halfway down the drive, I texted a few co-workers that were already in the office and asked if they wanted me to pick anything up for them on my pit stop. I grabbed their coffees AND arrived to work on time. It was a simple act of kindness, but one that I’m sure they appreciated considering we were all coming in tired. I’m sure the extra caffeine helped get through this final day before the weekend.

And so the weekend begins! Until next time…



P.S. I just wanted to share a sneak peak at what’s coming this weekend! I volunteered to help Operation Support Our Troops and wanted to share the event info before just in case you are in the area and can participate in this weekend’s Shop & Drop. Here’s the scoop:

485 OSOT 920

If you have a friend of family member that is currently serving,

PLEASE sign up to send a care package to them through Operation Support Our Troops. It’s completely free and doesn’t cost you a thing. It’s a great way to show our loved ones in harms way our appreciation. Go to:

I can’t wait to share about my experience volunteering with Operation Support Our Troops!



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