Day 57: It’s Raining (Fire) Men!

Today was full of excitement for me! I came to work expecting another ordinary Thursday and got an awesome text that pretty much kept me on the edge of my seat excited…my cousin informed me that one of my favorite shows, Chicago Fire, was filming in my hometown! I immediately decided it was in my best interest to ditch Zumba and my Volleyball game so that I could do a little star stalking. Haha!

With the excitement of possibly seeing the firemen that I swoon over on a weekly basis, I came up with an idea for today’s act of kindness: with the “fake” firemen getting all the attention in Skokie, I felt it necessary to give the real firemen some attention as well! So, before heading to the shooting location, I stopped by a bakery and purchased some goodies with the intent of dropping it off at the local firehouse afterwards.

My plans to see Jesse Spencer (Casey) or Taylor Kinney (Severide) didn’t work out, but I did get to meet Eeamonn Walker (Chief Boden), David Eigenberg (Herrmann) and Christian Stolte (Mouch)! After waiting in the freezing cold for a while, they finally came out and took a few pictures with us.

Afterwards, my sister and I took the bakery treats over to the local Skokie Fire Department and spoke with one firefighter for a little bit. He was probably a bit confused as to why we randomly dropped off food for them, but I hope he ended up enjoying some of it! I just smiled it off and thanked him for doing his job. Then I was back on my way home.

It was cold and I’m still defrosting as I write this, but was totally well worth it! Thanks must go out to my cousin Aliza for the heads up…she, unfortunately, had to miss out because she had work. And also, I want to apologize to my cousin Adam Jo for not knowing how to use his cell phone and ultimately missing his photo opportunity with the cast members! I am SOOOOOOOO sorry! I did ask one of the girls to e-mail me their copy of your group picture and did ask everyone else to text theirs to you…so that must count for something, right? 🙂

And on that note, here’s a shot of my sister and I with Mouch and Herrmann.


Until tomorrow…


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