Day 51-54: Another Weekend of Kindness

This past weekend was tough for me in regards to executing acts of kindness since there was so much going on and I wasn’t feeling 100%. But I have come to the realization that all of my acts of kindness don’t need to be amazing or extravagant…the point is to be kind, even if it is in the smallest way possible. And with that, here is how my weekend went…

Day 51: Boy was Friday a tough one for me! I basically woke up feeling crappy with a headache. That headache proceeded to blow my mind (I mean this quite literally since my brain felt like it was going to burst!) and by 930am (yes, AM!) I had thrown in the towel. Why I hadn’t called in sick in the first place? I have no idea! But it was obvious after trying to get some some work done with no success, the headache I woke up with wasn’t letting up and I wasn’t going to accomplish anything with it around. So I packed up and headed home. I did find out that I was VERY dehydrated and extremely tired. I ended up sleeping a total of 15 hours in the 24 hours following my early arrival home from work that day, in addition to getting help replenishing the electrolytes and water missing in my body. Once I took care of that, I started to feel much better.

It was because of this, that I will admit to officially missing one day of kindness. I’m a bit ashamed, but I made it up…that will come later.

Day 52: After that crazy day, I was ready to do a little more and get out of the house. And so with my newfound energy, I took my family to see a play at the local high school.

Now, the main purpose of seeing the high school play was to support a family friend in his work. Although he wasn’t acting, he was working behind the scenes, I wanted to show him that we fully support what he is doing.

I can’t express how important it is for us as adults to support what the young people around us do…specifically when they’re doing something positive. I’m pretty sure I’ve said all this in a previous post so, I’ll just cut to the chase…the play was amazing! Great job Niles West Theatre and great job Scott! 🙂

Day 53: Sunday was another typical busy Sunday. I had a birthday dinner for a family friend in the evening and so, that is where I got the opportunity to spread some kindness. The restaurant had free valet parking, and I slipped the valet attendant a kindness card with a nice tip. I’m sure he was tired after a long, cold weekend of running after people’s cars, so I figured he needed a little kindness.

Day 54: Which brings me to Monday! I was running early for work, and for those that know me, that doesn’t happen often! Since I was early, I figured I could grab something for breakfast for my co-workers…there was no celebration or occasion. I just wanted to do something nice. I figured, since I left so abruptly on Friday, they deserved it for understanding. I think that made up for my lack of kindness (really anything since I was in bed all day) on Friday.

And so, with an act of kindness done to make up for Friday, I decided that Monday’s act of kindness would be in honor of an old friend from high school. He has started such an amazing movement. I can’t express how extremely happy I am to support a cause that really hits close to home:

Friend Movement


Friend movement inspires people to prevent bullying by enabling them to be a better friend.

In honor of this movement, I have changed my name on Facebook so that my middle name is “Friend.” I have also donated to the cause in hopes that it will help support the movie being made to shed light on human compassion in hopes to end bullying.

Would you be willing to support this cause by changing your name on Facebook and donating to this cause?

You can now make an INSTANT donation using your cell phone!

Simply text “BFF” to 20222 to donate $10, or “FRIEND” to 20222 for $5!

The donation amount is still tax-deductible, and will be added to your cell phone bill.


Until tomorrow…



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