Day 50: Staying Positive & Chocolate Cravings

This is going to be brief, after an hour of Zumba and two hours of volleyball, I’m pooped, sleepy, stinky and hurtin’ all over! This old lady is in dire need of a massage! Haha!

Anyways, since I was so busy today, I didn’t have time to execute an act of kindness until after I got out of volleyball and was already headed home. I decided that since gas was cheaper out there and I was at a little less than a quarter tank, I might as well stop for some gas and it served as the location for today’s act of kindness.

My original intention as I waited in line to pay for my water, was to buy the King Size Reese’s that was on sale and eat it myself, but thought against the chocolate craving, and decided to buy it and ask the attendant to give it to the next person that came in to pay for something.


What I got instead was not only an opportunity to pass on the chocolate, but the opportunity to make someone feeling down in the dumps feel a little better! Here’s a little run down of my conversation with the attendant:

Attendant: Hello, how are you today?
Me: Good, thanks. (As he starts ringing me up) Could you do me a favor and give the chocolate to the next person that comes in to pay for something?
Attendant: Wow! That’s really nice of you! You just made my day a little better…
Me: Oh yeah? How come?
Attendant: Just a lot of F-ed up things have been happening to me lately. But you just made it a little better.
Me: Oh, I’m sorry…I hope everything works out. Why don’t you have the chocolate instead?
Attendant: Oh thanks, but I can’t have sweets.
Me: Don’t worry, things will get better.
Attendant: Yeah, they already have! I’ll be sure to pass this on to the next person that comes in.
Me: Ok, thanks! You have a good one!

I was SUPER touched by the young gentleman that I spoke to and hope things start looking up for him! And I hope the next customer enjoys the peanut butter cups!

Until tomorrow…


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