Day 42: Checking Up On A Friend

I have a friend/ co-worker that is super brave. She left the country she grew up in to study here in America…and she easily could have chosen New York where she has family living nearby, but she stepped out of her comfort zone and decided on Chicago. So, now, post-college she lives in Chicago and works in the Chicagoland area, still without family nearby.

I’d like to think that I could do the same if I wanted to, but I think I would get very lonely without family within a certain mile radius of me. Who would I go to when I’m sad? Who would I get to help me move when I need big guys to help with the heavy lifting? Who’s going to check in on me when I’m sick or not feeling well?

Which brings me to today’s act of kindness! This friend of mine has been feeling a little under the weather, and at the same time, is dealing with some heavy matters of the heart right now. It’s times like this when family comes in handy! And although she can easily call a sibling or her parents, it’s still not the same as having them around. So, when I received a text from her that she did not come to work again, I was worried! I am a “texter” by nature, but felt compelled to call my friend and check up on her. Although she didn’t pick up ( which worries me even more!) I left a voicemail and made sure she knew I was worried and was here if she needed ANYTHING. I was planning on coming over to check on her, but since she didn’t answer,I wasn’t about to use the outhouse. I hope she’s feeling better, body, mind and soul…and I hope she knows she’s never alone!

Have you checked up on your loved ones lately? Maybe it’s time to make a call and see how they’re doing!

Until tomorrow,


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