Day 37-40: A Smorgasbord of Kindness

Happy Random Acts of Kindness Week!

These consolidated weekend posts may happen more often in the future since my weekends have been crazy lately and posting on a daily basis can get tough on weekends. That said, this weekend was such a goodie in terms of random acts of kindness! I hope you’re all kicking off Random Acts of Kindness week with a bang. I love hearing stories of acts of kindness given and received, so please share your acts of kindness with me; I’d love to feature them here for others to see! You can comment or send an e-mail to me directly at And now, onto the awesome weekend and start to Random Acts of Kindness week that I had!

Day 37: I took Friday off of work and had planned on being a big, fat, bum! I had an appointment to get some work done on my car, but other than that, I wanted to do laundry and be a couch potato between loads. I think I did a good job of acheiving my goal…I may have over-achieved a little bit and ended up skipping the laundry part altogether. I did manage to get out of the house to drop off my car for some regular maintenance, and stopped by Jewel on my way to the auto shop. Originally, I had planned on buying some dog food and dropping it off at the local animal shelter, but I ran into a group of the cutest Girl Scouts selling their cookies. I already had an order in for 8 boxes with a co-worker’s daughter (which is 8 boxes too many considering my attempt to be healthy this year), but I couldn’t say no to the little darlings and bought 2 boxes before heading inside to pick up some groceries. When I checked out, I explained my predicament to the check out lady and asked if she’d accept them as a gift. She gladly accepted them and said she’d share them with the rest of her associates by leaving them in their break room. This ended up being a DOUBLE BONUS of an act of kindness since I was able to help out the Girl Scouts AND share the cookies with the employees of Jewel.

Day 38: Chicago was popping this weekend, with the Auto Show in town. I had plans to go with some of my friends on Saturday, but things came up and our group of friends dwindled down to one of my favorite couples and ME. I usually can handle being the single pal around, but I think with Valentine’s Day coming up, I was a little uncomfortable being the 3rd wheel and ended up ducking out on plans to join them. I felt bad, but I think they understood…plus, it gave them a chance for a nice date night.

Instead of the Auto Show, I ended up joining my cousin at the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI). She was taking a close family friend out while they were visiting from Georgia with her boyfriend and their little baby girl. We had a great time walking around and doing all the hands-on activities and the baby did so well considering she is only 8 months old and that was a long day for such a little one. If you’re ever in Chicago, I highly suggest checking out any of the museums here; they’re all amazing!

So, as I was making my way to pick up my cousin before heading out to the MSI, I thought about how hard it must be for moms to take their kids out to a place like the museum. It must take a whole lot of energy and patience with how crowded they can be and how excited the kids can get. I was there as an adult and I was pooped just looking at all the kids running around…forget having to chase them around! And that’s where my act of kindness for today came along…I bought a couple small increment gift cards at Dunkin Donuts and prepared to leave them around the museum for all those AWESOME MOMS to find. I figure they deserve a coffee break after chasing their children around the museum all day.

My cousin got excited to take part in helping me put up the gift cards and checking to see if they were still there later on. I hope the mommies or daddies (since we also put some in changing rooms and family bathrooms) picked up the gift cards and enjoyed a relaxing cup of coffee.

We took a couple pictures of some of the gift cards that we put up…here’s a gift card in the changing room and on a mirror in the women’s restroom.


Day 39: After a day walking around the MSI, I was ready for my normal, laid-back Sunday of Youth Church, Mass and family time. Plus, it was also about time I finally got around to my laundry that I ignored on Friday. So as I was headed home from Mass, I set out to do my act of kindness for the day before crackin’ down on my laundry.

Earlier in the week, I thought of a great act of kindness that I decided was best to execute on a weekend. If you read my entries, you know that family is pretty important to me. I’m always surrounded and constantly mentioning my sister, cousins, mom, auntie and nanay. It would break my heart not to have any of them in my life and that made me think of those that don’t have family around or at all. I guess my first thought came to the elderly in nursing homes that may not have family close enough to visit or any at all. But, for someone in that situation, how lovely would it be to receive flowers unexpectedly?!? I think it would be pretty awesome, so I decided that I would buy some flowers after Mass and drop by a nursing home in my area: The Grove.

I used to visit The Grove in my younger years with our Youth Group to drop off cards or Christmas Carol during the holidays. It always brought warmth to my heart to be able to bring a smile on their faces, and I was excited to do the same with my act of kindness. Since I was not a volunteer or a visitor of a resident I couldn’t go in to see the residents, but I spoke to the front desk attendant and asked him if he could please give the flowers I brought to some of the residents that don’t typically receive a lot visitors. The young teen was confused at first, but after realizing what I was asking, and informing him that I wanted to do this as an act of kindness for the day, he gladly agreed and said he’d bring them to the activity director since they would know who to give the flowers to.

As usual, I took a couple pictures to document my act of kindness; I must admit, I was quite proud of this one and felt so good doing it. I hope the flowers brought a smile to someone’s face and reminded them that they are never alone.


Day 40: Today’s act of kindness is all about “thank you’s” and “spirit fingers!”

With today being the first day of Random Acts of Kindness Week, I feel blessed to be the recipient of 2 acts of kindness this morning. First off, I showed up to the office to find breakfast waiting for me at my desk! A co-worker picked up breakfast on the way to work and was kind enough to think of me as well. I seriously have some great peeps in my life! Then, as soon as I got settled and got my PC started, I received an e-mail from HR congratulating me on 5 years of service to my company. Not only did I have flowers waiting for me downstairs at the reception desk, but I also had a choice of a gift from a provided list. It was definitely a great start to my Monday! Thank you soooooo much to the “breakfast ninja” and my company for making my morning so awesome!

Later on in the day, I happen to check my Facebook notifications and saw that I had been tagged in a post by my God-sister, Irene. Irene works at a nursing home and posted that she performed an act of kindness today: as a social worker she was able to help a depressed elderly woman reconnect with her sick family. I am so excited that she is taking part in random acts of kindness! Awesome job Irene and I hope to hear of any other acts of kindness that you may do! (Excuse the ex-cheerleader in me) Spirit fingers for Irene everyone!!! 👐 Again, if you have any acts of kindness that you’ve done or received, please share them with us!

Boy, this post ran a lot longer than I first thought, so I’m just going to cut myself off. Have a good night everyone!

Until tomorrow…


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