Day 36: Happy Maids

Chicago was a mess today! We started out with rain, it turned into a wintery mix, and by 5pm it was a full blown snow storm out.

My sister had a flight out of O’Hare for work tonight at 9pm, so we planned that I would hitch a ride from a co-worker in the morning and my sister would pick me up at the office so I can drop her off at the airport and take her car home. THANK GOODNESS we decided on that because my little Corolla (aka Dexter) would not have survived in the mess out there! Her flight was cancelled, but at least it worked in my advantage! 🙂

After my usual Thursday activities, which my sister ended up driving me around to, it was 10:30pm and we were on our way home trying to figure out what I can do for my act of kindness today. My sister mentioned that I could clean snow off a car and then we spotted the perfect location for today’s act: the Molly’s Maids parking lot.

There were 3 cars sitting covered in snow so I ran out to clean them off while my sister watched, rook pictures and bumped up the radio playing “Car Wash.” Haha!

Here’s me cleaning/jamming to the music and the clean Molly Maids cars…


Hope that brightens the day for the Molly Maids tomorrow morning! 🙂

Until tomorrow…


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