Day 35: Sweets, Yummy Sweets!


Working in an office can feel like hell if you are trying to eat healthy. With all the donuts, cookies and candy jars just waiting for you to consume all that sugary goodness, it’s hard to say no to it all! In my case it can be a million times harder since I work in the food industry. On any given day, you can find free samples, food tastings or product testings. It’s virtually impossible NOT to gain weight working for my company!

That said, I feel like ever since I made a choice to make healthier choices, everyone in the office is bringing in all of my favorites that I am trying to avoid! Who can say no to a chocolate donut, seriously! It’s been hard, but I have been able to “just say no,” and indulge in healthier snacks.

Which brings me to today’s act of kindness…since I am unable to enjoy all the sugary calories, it doesn’t mean someone else can’t enjoy themselves. So, on my way home from work today, I decided to stop by a Mc Donald’s drive thru and order 2 apple pies. When I got up to the pick-up window, I simply asked the attendant to give it to the car behind me. I’m pretty sure he gave me the crazy look, but I quickly explained that I just wanted to do an act of kindness for today and he smiled and nodded his understanding. I quickly drove off and as I was waiting to make a turn out of the lot, I snapped a picture of the red car behind me that received the apple pies…


Funny think is I was waiting to turn onto the street for so long that the red car behind me caught up and as we both turned on the street, he caught up and waved before merging into the left turn lane. I wish I took a picture of that! It seriously made my day. I hope he enjoys all the sweet calories down to the last crumb…I know I would if I knew it wouldn’t go straight to my gut!

Until tomorrow…



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