Day 33 & 34: Change for Kindness & Volunteering Help

You may have noticed that my daily blog entries are starting to slow down. I promise I wont let this happen often, but it has been a little busy lately and I have been pooped! I literally started writing my act of kindness last night in bed and in the middle of typing felt my eye twitching and all if a sudden it was Tuesday morning! I’m pretty sure I knocked out without even knowing it…and to say that I was shocked would be a lie. Things like that happen often for me…I wouldn’t say that I’m narcoleptic, but I’m pretty close! Ok, now back to what I started yesterday (let’s hope I can stay awake long enough to finish!)…

As I was headed home from the office, I kept thinking about how great it’ll be to crawl into bed and relax. Mondays aren’t my favorite day of the week and let’s just admit it, we ALL dread them!


So, as I was day dreaming of my bed, I decided to get a quick act of kindness in so that I can relax. I stopped by a parking lot near my cousin’s house and filled all the meters for cars parked. I had a lot of extra change, and since it’s a smaller lot, where $0.25 can buy you 12 hours, my extra change went pretty far for people.

With all the tickets that my cousin has received from meters running out on her…maybe my act of kindness helped her out as well!

Then today, I received an e-mail from one of the head planners for Sunday School, aka Youth Church. It’s a new program this year and we’re still testing out how things should go. But with new people and a new curriculum, they need some help with leadership…which is where my act of kindness comes in. It looks like they need more help with planning family nights once a month for Youth Church…and so I was approached and asked if i was available to help. I decided that it was about time I stepped up and volunteered for a little more. I figure, I’m already there, why not help plan, right? It’ll be a little more time on my part, but it will be worth it. We have some great families in our parish and it’ll give me a chance to get to know them better. Plus, what better way to serve than through the children!

So, now that I am finally caught up on my posts, I hope that I can ask you for some help! I’m starting to lose creativity in thinking of ideas for my acts of kindness…and I’m only 34 days in! I’m going to need some MAJOR HELP! And so, I ask you for some kindness. Can you share some ideas that I can use for my acts of kindness? Thanks! And I hope to hear from you all!

Until tomorrow…


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