Day 29: Late Night Beauty Tips


Women! We spend all this time, energy and money on our appearance! But is it all worth it?

I personally think, to a certain extent, it is absolutely worth it! Not that I am saying you absolutely have to look good all the time, but the reality is that us women are insecure by nature. Every single one of us have at least one thing about us that we wish we could change, fix or switch with someone else. Believe me, there’s no need for a ton of makeup, extensive plastic surgery or sacrificing your health to achieve “perfection.” But sometimes, it’s ok to take care of yourself, treat yourself…do what it takes to make you feel better about yourself.

I am pretty low maintenance, but one thing I always make time for is getting my eyebrows threaded. As Oprah herself said, “it’s an instant face lift!” Recently though, I’ve been working late and going to gym/Zumba/volleyball after work that I completely neglected my bi-weekly sessions with Taboo at my eyebrow place! It wasn’t until the other day did I look in the mirror and realize how unkept they have become! So after meeting my sister for dinner and a quick shopping trip, I sped my way to the salon and hoped that they were open later than 8pm. As I jumped out of my car, the women that worked at the salon were looking out the door, I’m assuming, in an attempt to leave a little early for the night. Apparently, they closed at 8pm and I was running though the door at 7:55pm. Taboo, my normal “eyebrow miracle worker,” spotted me and told me to go ahead and sit down. She knew what I was there for. And bless her soul for accommodating me!

As she was working on my eyebrows and all my other beauty services, she told her co-workers to go ahead and that she’d close up for the night. Technically, she could have told me that they were closed and turned me away. She could have easily asked me to come back tomorrow. But she didn’t…she stayed late and accommodate me and my bushy eyebrows!

I couldn’t stop thanking her while she worked, and when I paid for my $20 in beauty services, I paid it back to her by adding a $20 tip. It was the least I could do for her time and for making me feel pretty again!

If you’re in the North Chicagoland area, check out Hollywood Trendz Hair & Spa. Taboo can do wonders on your eyebrows, I swear!

Until tomorrow beautiful!


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