Day 28: Well Deserved Praise

Often, we find ourselves so busy with our own jobs that we forget the people that help us along the way. In every occupation, every job, you will find yourself relying on someone else so that you can do your job.

In my case, a project that I was assigned a while back heavily relied on someone else for training and help in implementing this new program company wide. It was a huge undertaking considering we worked close to 1,000 miles apart and I started this project with absolutely no knowledge of this program. With many conference calls, many guides with detailed screen shots, and many trips to our headquarters, we were able to get the job done.

I know my personal success with this project was reflective of all the help from my associate and I wanted to make sure he knew that. So, today I took advantage of our company’s new recognition program and nominated my associate for an award. It gave me the opportunity to voice my appreciation directly to my associate as well and extend this recognition for my superiors and his superiors to take notice of his hard work. Sometimes, even just a simple “thank you” can be enough…so don’t forget to remind people when you are thankful for their help and assistance.

Until tomorrow…


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