Day 27: Lending An Ear

Earlier, I had planned an act of kindness for today, but a friend texted and called and I decided that they needed me and so there was my opportunity for today’s act.

“When people talk, listen completely” -Earnest Hemmingway

Some people say that “Blood is thicker than water,” but I beg to differ. Sometimes that isn’t always the case. And it’s times when you realize this that your friends are there for you. Today, I simply listened. A friend had some issues come up with family and she needed to get some anger out, let go of some frustration…and I was happy to be there for her. I didn’t have to say anything profound, I didn’t even have to say my opinion (even though, I couldn’t help but include it in the conversation), but I know, that all she needed was someone to listen and get it off her chest. You wouldn’t believe the amount of stress that can be relieved simply by letting it out!

I do hope she works things out, but most importantly, I hope she feels a little better now that she was able to release. It’s something we all need and she definitely needed it!

Hope you’re all staying dry! You wouldn’t believe the weather we’re having in Chicago right now!

Until tomorrow…


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