Day 22: “I’m late, I’m late…for a very important date!”

If you knew me well, you’d know that I am ALWAYS late to EVERYTHING! It’s isn’t something that I do intentionally or because I think I’m important enough to make everyone wait for me…I just always happen to be in a rush. Always running from one thing to another. That’s probably why I also forget about things all the time.

As usual, I was running late this morning and putting my driving skills to the test on my way the office. I was trying to think about an act of kindness that I could do early today since I have Zumba and Volleyball tonight – I didn’t know if I’d have time to post today’s act of kindness when I got home. I was deep in thought on this and with my not-so-defensive driving when I noticed a car in front of me with one tire that was extremely flat and another two tires that were fairly low as well. I tried to catch up to them at the next light and let them know, but they merged into the left turn lane and started going a different direction. I thought about how late I was running, but figured it better that I turn also and let the driver know about their car. I mean, I was late already, right? What’s another minute or two to help someone out?

So off my intended path I went to try to get the attention of the gentleman driving the silver SUV. When I finally got his attention and let him know about his tires, he was extremely grateful and mentioned that it was good I caught him before he jumped on the tollway! I asked if he needed help (though, I don’t know how much help I would be since I’m terrible and don’t know how to change a tire), but he waved me off and told me he’d be fine. I think that encounter helped validate that my minor detour was worth the 2/3 minutes I lost getting to work.

Ironically, traffic the rest of the way wasn’t too bad and I managed to get to the office on time! Well, I was parked and headed into the building on time…I think that counts, right? Hope you all don’t have any problems with your cars!

Until tomorrow…



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