Day 21: Bartender! A Round of Compliments on Me!

Last week, a co-worker noticed a new blouse I was wearing and complimented me on it. You should’ve seen me the rest of the day! My “winter blues” were nowhere to be found…you could literally see my spirits lift after our conversation! And I felt like my attitude the rest of the day was reflective of this. Sometimes it still shocks me how much a simple compliment can change a person’s outlook that day…make them stand a little straighter, smile a little more, act a little more cheerful. Sometimes we’re so caught up with ourselves and what we have going on that we completely miss what’s going on with those around us.

As I arrived this morning to the office, I noticed someone with a new haircut and I remembered my experience the week before. So, I decided that I would pay a little more attention to others today and spread as many compliments as I could. I immediately caught up with my associate and complimented her on her hair. Later on in the morning I noticed someone with a nice watch and pointed it out. And later on in the afternoon, I complimented another associate on a job well done on one of the projects we were working on.

Every compliment that I shared today was followed by a smile. Who knew it was that easy to get a smile out of so many people? It was great to know that I was able to bring up their spirits the same way that my co-worker did for me last week. And in a roundabout way, it also brought my spirits up to be able to do this for those around me.

Until tomorrow…


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