Day 17: Dogs Loose!

My laptop is dead. I have no idea what happened so I’m posting from my phone right now…this might be a slim entry.

My sister and I woke up early today to visit our cousin that had surgery a couple days ago. We brought some brunch with us and just caught up on life’s happenings and random gossip. It was nice to catch up and, of course, keep him company since he’s been stuck in bed for a while.

When we got home, we parked and saw a random dog running across the street. Immediately, my sister put her car back in drive and started towards the running dog. This dog on the loose was just running back and forth across the street and stopping traffic all over the place. We immediately pulled over and tried to find the owner near by and tried to catch up to the dog and make sure it didn’t get hit by a car. After a minute or so of calmly following the dog around and trying to stop it from running off, the owner started running down the street looking for him. Thank goodness the dog got back to its owner.

Since my sister and I have always wanted a dog, but were never allowed to have one in my mother’s house, I think we jumped at the opportunity to help a lost dog. I would be so sad if I lost my dog, and I’m sure the owner was happy that their dog was safe.

And on that note, good night all! Give your pets another hug tonight before you go to bed! 🐶


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