Day 16: Too Close To Home…


No one ever wants to hear the word. No one ever wants to think about a loved one suffering this awful disease. No one would even wish this upon their greatest enemies.


In 2013 alone, it is estimated that there will be a whopping 1,660,290 new cases of cancer diagnosed in the United States alone. It is expected that almost 1,600 people a day will die of cancer in 2013. Cancer is no joke.

but there is hope…

The five-year relative survival rate for all cancers diagnosed is 68%, up from 49% in 1975-1977. This progress reflects progress in early detection and improvements in treatment.

Cancer has hit too close to home on many occasions. I have been lucky enough that this disease has not hit my immediate family, but there are so many of my loved ones that have dealt with cancer…and I am proud to report that they have all fought hard and are in remission as I speak.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t a hard road; it doesn’t mean that people are always successful in their fight. All we can do is support those fighting cancer and do what we can to support the study and progress of cancer studies.

I recently heard from a friend that another friend was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma (AdCC). The scary part was that the only symptom that he felt was blurry vision on and off in his left eye. As someone who works in front of a computer all day, he easily could have written that off as effects of staring at a screen all day. What a blessing it was that he discussed this with his doctor! From the update that I received, I am so thankful that it looks like my friend will win his fight against cancer.

And with this good news, I decided that my act of kindness today would be a donation to help him pay for hospital expenses and to an organization that supports those that suffer from AdCC. 

I urge you to do the same and donate to any of the many cancer organizations/causes…and if you want, please donate to help my friend. He’s a fighter and has been staying strong in his fight against cancer. 

Until tomorrow…


* all statistics mentioned were according to the American Cancer Society, and I do not take responsibility for any variances or errors.


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