Day 15: Turning The Other Cheek

“whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also.”


Today was another busy one. I signed up to do a Zumba Fitness class at the office after work as well as joined the Rec Volleyball team that some co-workers put together. They both happen to fall on Thursdays, so I go from work to Zumba and then to Volleyball. It’s part of my effort to stay active…though, it would’ve been nice if it was more spread out during the week!

Zumba was a good time and us girls had fun figuring out how to keep up with the instructor’s moves. If you’re looking for a fun way to exercise, Zumba is a great thing to try! After that, I was off to the gym for volleyball. Our team is lead by some frequent players, but we also have a good amount of people, myself included, that either never have played before or haven’t played more than the 30 minute gym class in high school. So, obviously, for our first game and first time playing together, we knew it would be a little tricky getting used to things and each other. We did well considering! But, unfortunately, we weren’t able to pull out a win. It’s ok, we had fun and were able to walk away knowing we can only get better!

After the game, we all were giving high fives and telling everyone “good game” when a team mate came around calling out “losers” to everyone when she high-fived our team mates. I WAS APPALLED! The fact that this grown woman thought it was necessary to call her own team mates losers was enough to make my face steam. And to hear her reasoning afterwards that “she can’t help it if she likes to win” just made matters worse.

If I had reacted in my normal way, I would’ve given a nasty look, made it very clear that I did not agree with her, and pretty much rip her a new one. Putting other people down is something I just do not tolerate! But I thought to myself, “this can be your act of kindness.” And that’s what I did…I took a second to calm down and react in a way that wasn’t so harsh. I reminded her that it was our first game together…and for some of us, our first game EVER and just left it at that. If she wanted to trash talk about our team, I’d let her be the fool and follow them with words of praise for our team. I guess there are just some people in this world that I will never understand. As much as I try, their actions, beliefs, and words just won’t make sense to me.

Do you ever get upset and lash out on people? Try turning the other cheek next time! It may not get the results you want, but it’ll make you the better person!


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