Day 13: OperationBeautiful.Com

One of my biggest faults is self-image. I’ve never truly been happy with myself and my afinity for negative self-talk or comparisons is a problem that I battle with on a daily basis.

It was during my struggles with this personal battle that I came across Operation Beautiful. Despite my personal insecurities, I cannot stress how important self acceptance is. It’s something that I always tried to instill in my little sister growing up and continuously try to instill in everyone I encounter; especially the young women/girls in my life. There is nothing more beautiful than a girl/woman who knows and loves herself exactly the way she is.

And with this thought in mind, I decided that today’s act of kindness will be in honor of this GENIUS movement. I wrote up a couple post-it notes and put them up while at the grocery store. Here are a couple pictures of my undercover work for Operation Beautiful!

photo 1

photo 5

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

Check out the website and maybe try putting up a couple post-it notes yourself!

Until tomorrow…


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