Day 12: Toasty Rides

Winter in Chicago has finally arrived and with that comes the blistering cold. I forgot how cold it could get here!

At one point, after my company moved farther from me, I juggled with the option of taking public transportation out to the new office, simply to take advantage of the company paying for 50% of the transit card. It would definitely allow me to save a lot of gas money and, of course, be a “greener” option than driving to and from work everyday. That is, until I realized that I would need to drive to a train station a little way’s off, jump on the train, and then transfer onto a bus OR drive to my aunt’s house nearby, jump on a bus, then the train, and then another bus. It just seemed like too much work…

and I don’t know if I could handle all that in Chicago winters and summers! 

So the idea quickly passed.

This is exactly why I offered a co-worker a ride to the train station today on my way out. It’s FREEZING out and waiting outside for a bus, then a train, and then another bus to get to her place in the city just seemed pointless. So, since my route home passes a train that gives her easier access to get home, I basically insisted that she ride with me so I could drop her off at the train. 

She was extremely grateful and it reminded me how easy an act of kindness can be. I didn’t have to go out of my way, I didn’t have to spend any money…shoot, I actually gained something from it because I had someone to chit-chat with on the ride home!

I hope you can find easy ways to incorporate acts of kindness in your daily life!

Stay Kind,





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