Day 11: Movie Snacks

Sundays are pretty routine for me. I usually wake up pretty early and teach Sunday School at my parish. Then we dismiss for Noon Mass where I meet my family. After that, there’s typically lunch with the family and then I head to my cousin’s house where we get together and catch up on shows and everyone’s happenings over the week.

This Sunday, though, was a little different. Instead of heading to my cousin’s place, I met her at the theatre to catch a movie we’ve been excited to see: Zero Dark Thirty. This is where I decided today’s act of kindness would take place. I think we can all agree that the movies are SUPER EXPENSIVE nowadays. I mean, at $10.50 just for a ticket, a family would be spending a lot just getting in the door! Now add on the overpriced snacks and you’ve spent a small fortune for a night out at the movies!

So, my cheap thrify self decided to save a couple bucks and pack a couple chocolate bars that I received as Christmas presents. I shared what I brought with my cousin and the rest I left at the condiment/napkin table with messages for people to take. I’m hoping the fancy chocolate bars didn’t go to waste and a few people were able to enjoy a sweet treat with their movie!

As for the movie, we obviously know the ending…but the film as a whole was really good. It got really intense for me and the lead character really impressed me. Boy, did she have some balls! If you have a chance to stop by the local theatre, think about checking it out. I definitely recommend it!

Until tomorrow,


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