Day 10: Feeding the Hungry


For those that know me, Feed My Starving Children, is an organization that I keep very close to my heart. A friend of mine celebrated his birthday here, where instead of going out to eat or a bar, we packed food for the poor. It was such an amazing time, that I have been trying to go on a regular basis since!

If you haven’t heard of this organization before, it is a Christian organization that packs food for the starving children of the world. When you come in, they show you a video explaining what they do, how the food should be packed, where it goes, and examples of children that have benefited from the food, aka “Manna Packs.” It really becomes a fun activity that people young and old can enjoy. There’s loud music, teams working together, and of course, you feel great afterwards knowing that you’ve done something good with your time. You even get to try the “Manna Pack” food so you can get a taste of what they are getting.

Today, I will be going with a couple friends from work that expressed interest in joining me…particularly a mother that wants her children to do something more and remind them how blessed they are. I’m sure I’ll have pictures to post a little later and of course, more on how today’s shift went.

If you are near a packing facility, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you find some time to sign up for a shift. I guarantee you will have a great time…and at the least, you’ll leave feeling good about yourself. Although this is a Christian organization, it doesn’t require you to be Christian or even participate in the short prayer that they do at the end of the shift. You can go to and find additional information and sign up as a volunteer. Do it…you know you want to! 🙂

Until later…



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