Day 9: Cards Full of Luck

Before I get to today’s act of kindness, I just want to share the awesomeness that I am experiencing right now. But first a memory…back when I was a teen and didn’t have anything better to do, my sister, cousins and I would rent a bunch of movies, buy a bunch of snacks, and spend the night watching and gorging on all the crap-tastic food we could find at the local grocery store.

At this moment, I am sitting at my cousin’s house watching movies and eating pizza rolls and a couple other “bad for you” items from the store. We have grown up, but we’re still the same! Haha!

Ok, on to my act of kindness! Today, I had a conversation with a co-worker about bad luck. We were comparing who had worse luck, random I know, but yes, it happened. So, I decided that I would give someone a chance at their luck by leaving a few lottery tickets at the gas pump that I was at. Since I love to take pictures, I took a picture of my work.


Until tomorrow…



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