Day 8: Snacks On Me!

I’m starting to think my office may end up being the place I most often spread kindness. We’ll see at the end of the year, but week one seems to show the trend.

Before I get to today’s act of kindness, I wanted to share a story about my cousin. I woke up this morning and received a nice text from her saying that she read my blog and was proud of what I’m doing. Then later in the day we started chatting and she asked me what today’s act of kindness would be. Our conversation later changed to ideas she had for things I could do and things she’d seen in the city. She mentioned how a family visiting from out of town had stopped her and another guy on the street asking for directions. Both Chicagoans, who also happen to be strangers from each other, stopped and helped the visiting family. But the guy also stepped it up by giving the family his CTA card so they could use it to get to where they were going. Pretty awesome!

Some people don’t realize how easy it is to perform acts of kindness! My cousin, Ashley, probably didn’t know it, but her text this morning and list of ideas later were both acts of kindness themselves! So, good job Ashley! You performed two acts of kindness in just one day! 🙂

As for today’s act, I have to admit I got the idea off someone else. I have been looking at pictures people have posted and I couldn’t pass this one up without bookmarking it for the future.

Work can be quite stressful this time of the year. With year end and all that jazz, it’s no wonder people seem frazzled around this time. This morning when I went down to the cafeteria to grab breakfast, I took an envelope down with me and stopped by the vending machine. I enclosed $2 in quarters and wrote a note on the envelope before taping it up:

“Have a snack on me. You deserve it! :)”

I hope that was enough to brighten up someone’s, most likely, stressful day. It certainly is a better option than the following:


Hope you all have a great day!

be kind,



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