Day 7: Hopetopia


A while back, before news anchors made random acts of kindness a ‘thing,’ two sisters came up with an idea. An idea to begin a movement that promoted spreading hope to all. With the hope that they could create a movement similar to that of Post Secret. A movement where people all over the world would spread random notes of kindness and those that encounter these little pieces of hope would share their experience. It would be a way to promote random acts of kindness while giving those that perform the acts a chance to see how they’ve helped someone. These sisters dreamed that this idea would become more than just a movement, but eventually become part of our culture. Part of humanity. And in turn, become a platform to help those in need of help in their darkest days. This movement was to be named HOPETOPIA.

It was a great idea that, unfortunately, never came to fruition. Who knows, maybe it will one day. Or maybe someone else can hear our idea and help us bring it to a reality.

Today’s random act of kindness was a tribute to that dream and is dedicated to my little sister…who loved my little idea and, in her typical way, made it into a huge idea. I’m still hopeful that we’ll be able to carry it out one day together.

Oh…and as for my random act, it was a simple note left behind for someone to find today at work. It read:

“Everything’s going to be OK. I promise.”

Until tomorrow,


*I do not take credit for this picture. 


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