Day 6: Coupons for Kindness

I started out my day a little unsure of what today’s act of kindness would be. I contemplated hitting up a nearby drive-thru and paying for the car behind me again, but I thought that would be a little lame for me to repeat myself this early in the game. 

Ideas for today’s act of kindness kept popping up in my head all day while I was at work. At the end of the day, I decided that I would print out a bunch of “kindness cards” to leave behind on my co-workers’ desks but ended up chickening out for some reason. Not sure why, but I guess I didn’t want to have to answer questions in the morning if they asked me if I knew who did it (I was the last one left in the office and I’m a terrible liar; my face shows it all).

I even thought about using the “kindness cards” in the parking lot and leaving them on people’s cars, but by the time I left the office, there were barely any cars left in the lot.

So, off I went…I was headed home and remembered that I needed to pick up some cold medicine at the local Walgreens when the idea for my act of kindness today popped into my head!

{I should let you know beforehand, that I LOVE coupons! I’m not an “extreme couponer” or anything of that sort, but I do love to keep any coupons I find handy just in case and also look for coupons online that I can print before heading out to the store.}

So, as I headed into Walgreens I pulled out the cold medicine coupons that I printed earlier, and since I had more than I needed, I decided that I would leave the extra coupons there for anyone else purchasing cold medicine. It would be a nice little surprise for someone else feeling a little under the weather as well.

I took a couple pictures before I headed to the checkout counter, but they’re not that great since I felt like a creepy customer taking pictures:



I hope someone was able to make use of them! Stay warm and healthy all!



5 thoughts on “Day 6: Coupons for Kindness

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