Day 5: The Power of Love

And no, I am not referring to the cheesy Celine Dion song!


Sometimes, we forget how powerful it is to be reminded that you are loved. I know that I have a hard time saying and receiving those words as well. I’m not sure when the words “I love you” became so heavy that it was too hard for me to say and accept, but I do know that there are times that you really need to hear it, and today was one of those days for a very good friend of mine. So that was my act of kindness for today.

A lifelong friend of mine is currently going through a rough time in her life. As much as I wish I could sit down and “girl talk” with her about it, I know talking about it will just make it harder on her. She has asked those of us aware of her current situation not to ask for any details or additional information on the subject for now, and I can respect that. Sometimes, repeating it over and over again feels like you’re pouring salt on a wound over and over again. So, I did what I felt she needed; and that was to let her know she is loved. That was the only way I felt I could console her.

I know this is something I personally need to work on, but I hope you remember to tell those close to your heart that they are loved.

And always remember, you are loved as well.



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