Day 4: Homemade

Today’s post is going to be a quickie. I’ve caught the bug that my mother and aunt have graciously shared with me and I’ve pretty much been in bed or on the couch sick most of the day. Since I couldn’t really get out any do anything, I decided to do something nice for the people in my home. So, I went online and looked up a couple of Filipino recipes and cooked a pot of Filipino Chicken Soup aka Tinola. My mom has been commenting on how she’s been craving this soup, but since she’s too weak to cook, she didn’t foresee having it anytime soon. It was nice to take a stab at cooking a traditional Filipino dish and to help make my mom and aunt feel a little better.

It was nice having everyone at the dinner table again as well; it’s been a good week since we all sat down together with everyone sick (and if you know my family, that doesn’t happen often; we love eating way too much). Hope you all stay warm and enjoy a few moments with your family before the work week starts again!



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