Day 3: Free Diapers

I know it’s kind of early to be saying this, but today’s gift of kindness was a tough one. Not that it was tough to do…I’ll get to why it was tough a bit later.

Today I woke up and thought of a great idea for a gift of kindness. I ran out to do a couple of my weekly Saturday errands, and then stopped by Target where I purchased a gift card and then went back to the diaper aisle and put up this note:

photo (4)

I was in a good mood after that went up…but curiosity got the best of me and instead of leaving right away as planned, I stuck around and just watched from afar. It was heartwarming to watch a Target employee see the sign and call a couple other associates near her to show them the sign. It was also heartwarming to see a couple of moms read the sign and smile, but leave without…I’m assuming because they weren’t in need of help.

The tough part though, is what came next: the person that DID take the gift card. He clearly wasn’t shopping for diapers or anything for babies. He didn’t even take down the sign, but just grabbed the gift card and walked past while he carried on with his wife and 2 older children down the aisle. I know it was a lot to ask, but I was hoping someone really in need of help would be on the receiving end of that card. It was a little heartbreaking to watch. And although that made me feel like I’d lost hope, that lasted just a minute before I realized that I don’t know the man. I mean, who knows, maybe he took the card and actually needed it. Or maybe he will do something nice for someone else after receiving it…I just need to have a little faith in people. And if that wasn’t the case, I just had to keep in mind what my sister reminded me: KARMA.

Well, that’s it for now. Until tomorrow…



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