Day 2: Bowls of Warmth

This post is coming a little late in the day; it’s actually almost Saturday now here in Chicago. There were 2 deaths in 2 separate families that my family is close to. In Filipino tradition, when a family member passes, friends and family come over and do the rosary novena in honor of the loved one that has passed…which also means there is also way too much food for your own good. So, of course, I was there until now just talking, eating…oh, and praying of course!

Ok, back on track here…

Today’s gift of kindness actually started last night. There has been a crazy virus going around and I feel like EVERYONE is sick right now. At home, both my mother and aunt are sick as dogs. So, to help them feel better, I came home last night and cooked up a pot of Cauliflower Soup (recipe courtesy of The Pioneer Woman). With just 3 girls in the house, a huge pot of soup would just go to waste, and so came my idea for today’s random act of kindness: lunch for my co-workers!

So, I brought in two full containers of soup and some fresh bread to work and asked around for people who didn’t pack a lunch. There were a couple takers and I was able to feed a few of my fellow associates.

With these cold Chicago winters, soup is the perfect anecdote to the winter chill and this was a nice way to spread a couple bowls of warmth. If any of you are interested in trying this recipe, here’s a picture of my final product and a link to the recipe. Enjoy and stay warm!


photo (3)


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